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كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

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  • كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

    Hello there!
    You can call me S. aureus.
    I am a Gram Positive cocci (round) bacteria.
    I am also known as 'golden staph' because I form little yellow spots when I'm grown in a lab.

    Sometimes I can be a special type called "Methicillin resistant S. aureus" (or MRSA) and it is VERY VERY hard to get rid of.
    I live naturally in the noses and throats of many people.

    I cause pus filled infections anywhere I can get into.
    Specifically, I love skin, breasts, surgery or wounds, heart valves (endocarditis) and blood.
    I am the most common cause of joint and bone infections.
    I can also cause Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome or Staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome.

    Hello, my name is N. meningitidis.
    You can call me the meningococcus.
    I am a Gram Negative cocci (round) bacteria.
    I'm carried in the noses and mouths of 5-10% of people, but I don't make them sick.
    They can give me to other people by kissing and sharing drinks.

    I have 13 different 'serogroups' - my most deadly groups are A, B, C and Y.
    These can quickly kill healthy people.

    Most of the time, I cause meningitis and a special purple rash made of bleeding in the skin.
    I can also infect your blood.

    Hello hello.
    I'm N. gonorrhoeae.
    I'm Gram Negative bacteria, but I'm not a rod.
    I'm a coccus, which is a round bacteria, or sometimes two stuck together.
    Most people call me 'Gonococcus'.

    I am spread by ***ual contact and I cause the STD called gonorrhoea.
    I can give you urethrtis, pharyngitis and cervicitis - which can lead to infertility.
    If I get into your blood I cause fever, skin lesions, arthritis and joint pain.
    I can get into the eyes of infants when they're born, if their mother is infected with me.

    My name is B. melitensis.
    I'm a Gram Negative bacteria.
    I am quite small.
    I live in sheep and goats, but some of my cousins live in cows, pigs and dogs.

    I cause a zoonotic infection called Brucellosis.
    Zoonotic means people can only get me from animals.
    I cause fever, headaches, mucle pain and even depression

    You can call me B. pertussis.
    I'm a Gram Negative bacteria.
    I am spread to people by respiratory droplets.
    I cause whooping cough, which can be highly fatal in infants.

    How do I do this?
    I get into the throat and make toxins.
    First I give you a cough, then your throat swells up.
    If it swells up enough, it can block your airway, giving your breathing a "whooping" sound

    Hola. I'm C. jejuni.
    I am a curved Gram Negative rod.

    You can find me in lots of domestic animals.
    I am part of the normal bacterial flora of poultry and cattle.
    I get into people through dirty drinking water or under*****d meat, especialy chicken.
    I cause food poisoning, with a self limiting bloody diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and fever

    Hello there.
    You can call me H. pylori.
    I am a helical Gram Negative rod.
    I live in the mucous layer of the stomach.

    I am famous for causing duodenal and gastric ulcers by making the stomach secrete lots of acid.
    I am also a risk factor to some gastric cancers.

    More than half the people in the world have me.
    In 2005 two scientists from Perth, Western Australia - Robin Warren and Barry Marshall - were given a Nobel prize for their work with me.
    Marshall even drank a dish full of me to give himself stomach ulcers and prove their theories.
    Before that, everyone thought stomach ulcers were caused by stress!

    Howdy, my name is H. aegyptius.
    I'm a Gram negative bacteria from the Haemophilus genus.
    Some people consider me to be a special type of H. influenzae.

    I cause conjunctivits, but what I really enjoy giving to people is Brazilian purpuric fever.
    It causes fever, abdominal pain, vomiting and a purpuric rash.
    It was very common in Brazilian children.

    Hello, I'm H. ducreyi.
    I'm a small, gram negative rod.
    I am mostly found in developing countries.

    I cause chancroid, a disease which is ***ually transmitted.
    It has a soft chancre made of genital ulcers
    Then I spread to your inguinal (groin) lymph nodes and enlarge them.
    Sometimes they form abscesses.

    Hello there.
    My name is N. influenzae, just like my friend before me.
    But we are very different.
    I dont have a capsule like he does, so I can't be typed into a group.

    I am a small, Gram negative rod.
    I can cause bronchitis, sinusitis and otitis media in the ear.
    I can also cause pneumonia in the community.
    Scientists used to think that I caused flu, but then realised that it was caused by a virus instead.

    Greetings! My name is H. influenzea.
    But not just any H. influenzae.
    I have a special polysaccharide "capsule", so I can be "typed" into a specific group.
    Of all the groups A to G, I am the most important in terms of making you sick.

    In kids who are under 18 onths old, I tend to cause meningitis and septicaemia.
    I can be rapidly fatal and even cause problem if they survive.
    In kid over 18 months old, I usually cause epiglottitis, sweling and blocking off their airways.
    I like to give everyone else pharyngitis and laryngotracheobronchitis, which often becomes croup.


    للموضوع بقية انتظروني

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    lol sooo nice am waiting for the rest dont late


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      مضحك بالمرة

      يعطيكم العافية

      ننتظر الفبريو كوليرا


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        بصراااااحة.....هذه طريقة اللي تفهمني.....

        عافاكي الله.....



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          طريقة ممتعه فعلاً .. وتفي بتوصيل المعلومة بكل سهولة ..

          شكراَ دلوعه .. ننتظر البقية

          ولجلهم ماني [بخيل] بعمري أنا سلوان
          وبحبهم أنشد وأردد يا [فلانه] ولهان


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            اريد اسئل السيده heamophilus influenzea كيف نفرق بينش وبين خواتك خخخخخخخ وكيف يكون شكلك في البليت


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              heek sha'3lat bet7afezz el wa7ad gd

              yeslmo kteer

              w y3teeki el 3afyi
              ان عشت فعش حرا أومت كالاشجار وقوفا



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                استمتعت فعلا بقراءة موضوعك لشيق

                شكرا لك


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                  دلوعه ضحكتيني الاشكال بجد بتتكلم عن نفسها

                  اكتر حاجه ضحكتني الهلكوبتر ...والgonorrhoeae

                  يعطيكي الف عافيه

                  قال صلى الله عليه وسلم:
                  (ثلاث كفارات وثلاث درجات وثلاث منجيات وثلاث مهلكات فأما الكفارات فإسباغ الوضوء في السبرات وانتظار الصلوات بعد الصلوات ونقل الأقدام إلى الجماعات وأما الدرجات فإطعام الطعام وإفشاء السلام والصلاة بالليل والناس نيام وأما المنجيات فالعدل في الغضب والرضا والقصد في الفقر والغنى وخشية الله في السر والعلانية وأما المهلكات فشح مطاع وهوى متبع وإعجاب المرء بنفسه)


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                    درس ممتع جدا :sm188:

                    أكثر من رائع

                    يعطيكي العافية ياقمر


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                      :thanxx alot 4 ur nice efforts
                      i will wait 4 the new ...:sm188::
                      يارب يا سميع يا مجيب اكتب السعاده والرزق الحلال الطيب لكل من دعى لي بالشفاء واشملهم في رحمتك ولا تريهم مكروه بعزيز على قلوبهم اللهم آآميييين :sm173:


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                        ماشاء الله طريقه حلووووه كثير
                        مشكوره 00 الله يعطيك العافيه


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                          درررسك رائع جدا ... و ننتظر بقية الموضوع لنحفظه كاملاً ...

                          و فقك الله ...


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                            موضوع جميل

                            شكراً لإبداعاتك المتوصلة دلوعة المختبر

                            ننتظر البقية


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                              thanks.... really it very usful and easy to remeber it

                              thanks Dalo3a... and we are waiting the rest....

                              have a great time